Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Only Constant is Change

Been almost an entire year since I've posted on here. I had intended to change this up a long time ago but got sucked into a job-path that didn't fit me & nearly killed my desire to write. I've since changed positions into one that I'm finding more suitable to a desire to work on creative endeavors. I hope to use this as a sounding-board for ideas, comments on my writing progress, & to keep me honest about my attempts at publishing my work.

I have a fear of this either winding up forgotten again or changing tone. In an effort to prevent that I will NOT do the following: share opinions on politics, religion, or anything other than art, post any of my actual work on here, or create posts that are little more than rants & emotional outbursts that should be kept private.

What I WILL do is: share thoughts on the writing & editing process, comment on the manner in which life & art so often mirror one-another, & discuss my attempts at publishing when I get to that point.

Farewell for now.